It has come to the attention of Alberta Environment that evil forces are at work filling up our landfills! They have hired your detective agency, Solutions Inc., to resolve the ever increasing mountain of waste being sent to landfills everyday.
You are expected to provide them with an action plan to reduce the criminal amount of waste that is being dumped into landfill sites. Currently more than 2.4 million tonnes of solid waste goes into Alberta’s municipal landfills very year
You have been hired by Alberta Environment to create an action plan to identify:
  • Actions individuals and groups can take to minimize the production of wastes.
  • Actions to ensure safe handling and disposal of wastes.
  • Alternative ways to manage waste and to minimize the effect on the environment.

  • #1 You will begin this assignment by researching to discover how human activity leads to the production of waste and identify how humans can be more responsible in disposing of waste materials.
  • Use the research guide provided by your teacher and the RESOURCES provided to find your information.
Hand in your notes ( See the Rubric for the requirements)

  • #2 Work with a partner to develop your own multimedia action plan to solve the horrendous crime of waste in our world.
  • Use your understanding to come up with a local action plan that will help solve the waste problem. Your plan can take many different forms as long as it results in some positive action that will reduce the waste problem. It could be an individual or family action plan that each of you will follow at home, it could be promoting action around the school getting other students involved, it could even be an action that involves the whole community.
  • As a group create your action plan using Google Presentation. Include at least 5 actions for each area you have researched( 4 R's, Hazardous waste, Composting) should be included in your plan.

  • #3 Present the Action Plan
  • Present your action plan to Alberta Environment Waste Management department (your class).
  • Classmates will use the action plan rubric to evaluate Your action plan.